Article In Press

Article In Press

Clinical StudyPublished on: July 23, 2021
ABO Blood Group System and Periodontal Disease Indices: A Cross-Sectional Study in Greek Adults

Author(s): Nikolaos Andreas Chrysanthakopoulos*

Case ReportPublished on: July 22, 2021
Left Atrial Myxoma, Mitral Regurgitation and Coronary Heart Disease: A Case Report of an Unusual Association

Author(s): Zakariae Laraichi¹,*, Larsen Clarck Moumpala Zingoula, Nawal Doghmi, Mohamed Cherti

Case ReportPublished on: July 21, 2021
Establishing Posterior Occlusal Support: A Case Report

Author(s): Evangelos Ximinis, Maria Tsiafitsa, Dimitrios Dionysopoulos, Olga Naka*

Case ReportPublished on: July 20, 2021
Pulpal Response After Fragment Reattachment of Uncomplicated Fractured Incisors

Author(s): Dhoum S, Khamlich K, Dakkaki J, Elmerini H, Sidqui M

Research ArticlePublished on: July 19, 2021
How the Covid-19 Pandemic Has Impacted on The Learning and Educational Needs of Dental Core Trainees in A UK Dental Hospital

Author(s): Niall McInnes*, Kara Hughes and Colette Balmer


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