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Current Issue

Research ArticlePublished on: May 05, 2021
HRCT Chest and Nasopharyngeal Swab PCR Co-relation in Suspected Covid-19 Patients- A Multi-center Review of Patients

Author(s): Sadia Azam, Abdulrehman Khalid, Zohaib Ramzan, Vishal Farid Raza*, Muhammad Ahmad and Abid Ali

Case ReportPublished on: May 04, 2021
Urolithiasis in a 13-Month-Old: A New Case of Adenine Phosphoribosyl transferase Deficiency

Author(s): Marie Adrianne Pimentel*, Anita Lala, Stephen Du Toit, Richard MacKay, Udaya Samarakkody

Case ReportPublished on: May 03, 2021
Hot Air Sauna Burns and Coma Resulted from Fentanyl Patch Overdose

Author(s): Christian Glaumann, Adriana Miclescu*

Case ReportPublished on: April 29, 2021
Acute renal infarction

Author(s): BEN ELHEND Salah*, DOULHOUSSNE Hassan, FASSI FIHRI Jawad, ROUKHSI redouane, ELFIKRI Abdelghani

Case ReportPublished on: April 28, 2021
Wilkie syndrome: Case Report

Author(s): BEN ELHEND Salah*1, DOULHOUSSNE Hassan1, FASSI FIHRI Jawad2, ROUKHSI redouane1, ELFIKRI Abdelghani1

Review ArticlePublished on: April 27, 2021
Angiotensin 1-7 as the Possible Universal Panacea of Human Systemic Diseases and Potentially the Best Anti-Aging Molecule of Human Body

Author(s): Paolo Lissoni*, Giusy Messina*, Barbara Boniardi*, Alejandra Monzon*, Giuseppe Di Fede*, Daniel Pedro Cardinali, Massimo Colciago, Franco Rovelli*, Ana Cristina Simoes-e-Silva, Savino Marroccoli, Walter Pierpaoli

Research ArticlePublished on: April 21, 2021
Factors Responsible for Migration and Training Abroad of Medical Students

Author(s): lubna Raza*

Research ArticlePublished on: April 20, 2021
Injuries Due to Fall from Horseback

Author(s): Erdem Sahin*, Mehmed Nuri Tutuncu


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