Volume 2 Issue 5

Volume 2 Issue 5

Case ReportPublished on: August 05, 2020
Management of Proliferative Sickle Cell Retinopathy Associated With Retinoschisis in a Tertiary Hospital in Saudi Arabia:A Case Report

Author(s): Ahmed D* and Majed Al-Subaie

Review ArticlePublished on: August 04, 2020
Occupational Health and Safety of Workers in Municipal Solid Waste Management System

Author(s): Arivanandan M and Jaiswal A*

Review ArticlePublished on: August 03, 2020
A Trans-disciplinary Perspective on the History of Religion and Medicine in Eastern and Western Cultures

Author(s): Paulo NM*

Case ReportPublished on: July 31, 2020
A dirty that kills: A Tetanus Case Report

Author(s): Nkya JS1 and Mkwizu E1*

EditorialPublished on: July 31, 2020
When is Surgery an Option for Infectious Bowel Disease?

Author(s): Francesk M1, Nikoleta O2 and Ioannis M1


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