Volume 1 Issue 5

Volume 1 Issue 5

Case ReportPublished on: July 14, 2020
The Development of Morphea Following a Motor Vehicle Collision

Author(s): Daniel M* and Andrew M

Case ReportPublished on: July 13, 2020
The Challenging PMS2 Gene Mutation and its Role in Cancer Survivorship

Author(s): Deborah JM1* and Susan H

EditorialPublished on: July 07, 2020
Association of Night Shift Work and Breast Cancer Incidence

Author(s): Xiaoti L*

EditorialPublished on: July 07, 2020
Individual’s DNA Repair Capacity and COVID-19: Let’s Take One Step Back to understand it

Author(s): Sneh M Toprani*

Review ArticlePublished on: July 02, 2020
Antibiotic Resistance: blaNDM, mcr-1 and mcr-2, The Blacklisted Genes

Author(s): Carole Mansour, Katia Mansour, Jameel Kobeissi, Bassam Hamam, Roland Bou Raad, Lea Saliba, Imtitha Sheet and Samer Sakr*


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